November 21, 1752

1752 November 21 (Tuesday).  Esquire Baker here.  Informs me that he has paid Captain Chandler of Worcester 20£, 13.4, Lawful money, for me.  It being for 1000 Clabboards which I bought of him last year.  He Signifys to me at the Same Time that Captain Chandler express’d uneasiness at my long Delay.  I gave Esquire Baker a note til the first of next April.  Sometimes rainy.  The Weather exceeding windy — Sour — and therefore So uncomfortable that I am much confin’d whereas I had otherwise gone to t’other House to See how Billy Conducts there, or to Mr. Pierce’s seeing another, Francis, lies now Sick among them — Five, in all, now Sick.  May God be mercifull to them.  At Eve came Mr. Marrit of Cambridge, and smok’d a pipe with me, but he lodg’d I suppose at Justice Bakers.