November 2, 1752

1752 November 2 (Thursday).  Messrs. Elijah Rice and Martyn Pratt break out and swingle Flax.  And Charles Rice and John Frost digg stones.  P.M. At Mr. Bradish’s, Private Meeting.  N.B. There were few there, even though I waited long for their Coming.  It arose from a Mistake about New and Old Style.  We pray’d and Sung, but the design’d Sermon was omitted.  When I return’d home Mr. Martyn was here.  He had been to see his son, Mr. John who is now sett up a Corier[1] among us, and begins to work.  N.B. Dr. Brigham came to see Brecks Leg, which he can’t yet go upon.

[1]Corier (or coriar) was an obsolete form of currier, meaning one engaged in the trade of dressing and coloring leather.