October 30, 1752

1752 October 30 (Monday).  The Reverend and Learned Mr. Clark[1] of Salem Village here, in returning home from Sutton, where he, with two more ministers, Mr. Dor[2] and Mr. Hobby,[3] had been assisting Mr. Wellmans Church and some agriev’d Brethren to a reconcilement and tis to be hop’d with some success.  One Mr. Bartlett was with him and they din’d here.  P.M. Mr. Moses Warrin[4] and his wife here and were examin’d.

[1]Peter Clark of Danvers.

[2]Joseph Dorr of Mendon.

[3]William Hobby of Reading.

[4]Moses, the son of Daniel Warrin of Westborough, had married, Jan. 24, 1751, Persis, the daughter of Seth Rice.