October 27, 1752

1752 October 27 (Friday).  Breck’s Leg no better: from the Discoverys I could make no Bone is broke, or put out of Joint, but I conceive the Tendons are strain’d, and perhaps the Ligaments at the Ankle.  Mr. Grout, and old Mrs. Maynard at my Desire, came to See Breck, being feverish and not able to stir his Leg.  I Sent by Mr. William Nurse for Dr. Brigham, who came, and I hope his anointing and bathing him was beneficial.  Sent Billy to Mr. Joseph Goodale at Grafton for a pair of Chair Wheels, the time Sett being more than up.  At Eve he returns, but without ‘em.  N.B. Ebenezer brought over part of the Young Cow which he kill’d yesterday — the whole Creature weigh’d 16 Score wanting one Pound.  N.B. Mr. John Beton brought a Pair of Andirons for my Daughter Forbush, weigh’d 36 at 4/ per pound.  N.B. one of our Guinea Fowls carry’d off in the Night by Some Animal of Prey.