October 4, 1752

1752 October 4 (Wednesday).  A fine Day.  Mr. Daniel Forbush brought me Mr. Samuel Harringtons Horse for me to go and See his Wife who lyes in a low Condition.  I went and found her in a gracious Frame, and though very weak in Body yet I am full of Hopes for her Recovery.  N.B. Captain John Tainter[1] There.  Mr. Harrington sent his son with a Load of Wood to my House.  At noon I rode to my other House and by Lieutenant Maynards urgent Invitation I went to their House, Colonel Ward being there to give out Commissions to several Officers in the New Troop lately rais’d out of Shrewsbury and this Town.  Mr. Cushing[2] there and we had an handsome Entertainment.  My Son Ebenezer went this Morning up to Leicester Woods to look up our stray Cattle.  His wife rode home with me and thence she rode to her Brother Bonds to tarry a Day or Two there.  N.B. Mr. John Oake,[3] who has so long been under a terrible Evil of Cancer, was bury’d this afternoon.

[1]Of Watertown.  The brother of Deacon Simon Tainter of Westborough.

[2]The Reverend Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.

[3]Of Westborough.