October 3, 1752

1752 October 3 (Tuesday).  I prepar’d my Self to go over to Mr. Martyns, but not having an Horse, I went not.  In order to get an Horse I walked to Mr. Nurse’s and thence to old Mr. Maynards.  I proceeded further to my t’other House.  N.B. I was without an Horse because Billy was gone to Mill, and I suppos’d Ebenezer to be gone to Leicester to look up the young Cattle which are missing: but the Cattle at Home were so unruly that he went not — but by that Time I got there it was too late.  I rode to Mr. Richard Barns, and made him an offer of Two Thirds of the Lands which I bought of him, if he would procure and pay the Money which remains due by me to Mr. Felton but he would not accept my offer; not though I repeated it over and over.  I din’d with my Children at t’other House and Mr. Grow with us.  I return’d home before Night, I hope in safety, though it was windy and somewhat searching to my poor crazy Limbs.