October 13, 1752

1752 October 13 (Friday).  A Fair and pleasant Day for our Harvest.  D.G.  Lieutenant Tainter, Mr. Jonathan Forbush, Joseph Bowman and Isaac Miller cut up my Corn; and my Son William with my Team to Cart it; and afterwards Mr. Harrington with his Team; So that they got it all home before noon.  Lieutenant Tainter, Joseph Bowman and Isaac Miller din’d here.  Mrs. Lucy Bowker lodg’d here last night and is at work here to Day, making several of the Garments which She Cutt out Yesterday.  Instead of Brother Samuel who was expected to come up on my Mare, my Brother William came.  Brother Samuels Daughter Nabby being dangerously ill.  P.M. a number of Hands husk’d out my Corn.  Old Mr. Maynard and his sons, Ebenezer and Nathan, old Mr. Rice, Joseph Bowman, Isaac Miller, Mr. Bonds 2 Sons, 2 from Mr. Jonah Warrins, Daniel Grout, Constantine Hardy and some others, made up the Company.  The Husking was over by that the Evening came: but they tarried so long as to thrust the Husks into the Barn.  N.B. the Widow Newton and Mrs. Molly Johnson here.  My Brother went over to the other House and lodged there.