May 30, 1751

1751 May 30 (Thursday).  At the Convention Sermon; preach’d by Mr. Wigglesworth of Ipswich on 2 Cor. 11.2, and the Collection for the Support of the Gospel Ministry which I fear was Small.  Din’d at Mr. Eliots.[1]  N.B. Mr. Kneeland[2] acquaints me with a present from Scotland to Mr. Edwards of Northampton which will turn to be nigh 1000£ value old Tenor.  He likewise tells me he will undertake to print the Collection of Poems which I have propos’d to him — and this (if I understood him) whether there be any more subscribers or not.  Supp’d at Cousen Olivers with some Number besides — Mrs..[?] Davenport.  He lodg’d at Brother Samuels.

[1]The Reverend Andrew Eliot of the New North Church.

[2]Samuel Kneeland, the printer and bookseller of Boston.