May 25, 1751

1751 May 25 (Saturday).  Instead of their rising Earlier than usual that I might Send one of them this Morning to Mr. Willsons, my Sons, both of them were so sound, that when awak’d they are disturb’d — and not without Great Difficulty Ebenezer goes up to him to know the Reason of his not coming to my Work.  The many Troubles, Difficultys and Disappointments I meet with together with the Confinement I am under by the Work and Business of my Sacred office, whilst so many and Important Affairs are depending.  But especially the impudent Conduct of my Sons, render me very Impatient So that I am scarcely able to contain myself which is to my greater Grief because of the present Season, just before the holy Supper.  Thomas rode to Marlborough to get Pannell Crooks and to bring home the rest of my Malt from Deacon Woods.