May 12, 1751

1751 May 12 (Sunday).  Ebenezer watch’d last night with Neighbour Eliezer Rice.  In the public Assembly read Lev. 27.  Preach’d on Jam. 2.5, a. and p.m.  Din’d as usual, myself; but my wife, Thomas, William, Sarah and Susanna tarried at the Meeting House.  P.M. read Acts 18.  Some Number of Strangers at Meeting.  Captain Cummins, who is Delegate from Mr. Wigglesworth’s[1] Church to the design’d Council at Northampton.  Lieutenant Steward,[2] from Marlborough, Mr. Smith[3] being absent, and some Number of others.

[1]The Reverend Samuel Wigglesworth of Hamilton.

[2]Daniel Stewart.

[3]The Reverend Aaron Smith of Marlborough.