May 19, 1751

1751 May 19 (Sunday).  In the Morning Alexander struck a Ram that return’d the Blow and knock’d him down, and repeated it as often as he endeavour’d to rise — till my Daughter Molly running to his relief, was struck down likewise; So that they were both in Some Danger; till I went to their Succour.  In Public read Numbers Chapter 1 with some Exposition.  In the forenoon I thought to have preach’d for the Comfort and Support and Direction of the poor, on the Duty of contentment — and accordingly read Several Essays on that Subject.  But after all, chose to wave writing upon it, till I come to the Tenth Commandment and would also be glad to See Mr. Burroughs’s[1] Treatise hereof.  Therefore I repeated with some alterations my Exposition on Mat. 6.25 to 30 omitting number 27.  Din’d at Justice Bakers, where also din’d Justice Liscomb.[2]  N.B. Lucy, Sarah and Susanna carry’d their Dinners.  P.M. read Acts 19.  Preach’d on Prov. 16.31.  After Divine Service, read Letter from Upton for Ordination of Mr. Fish.[3]  N.B. I nominated Justice Baker.

[1]The Reverend Jeremiah Burroughs (1599-1646), an English Congregationalist, was the author of numerous works published in England.  The following was published in Boston.  The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, Containing Eighteen Rules for the Obtaining this Excellent Grace (Boston, 1732).  Another Boston edition appeared in 1742.

[2]Samuel Lyscomb, a justice of the peace.

[3]The Reverend Elisha Fish.