February 18, 1751

1751 February 18 (Monday).  Was in a great deal of Anxiety on Account of my Family Circumstances, being in divers Straits and Difficultys — much in Debt already (by means of my New Building chiefly) and unwilling to keep my Creditors out of their dues, yet oblig’d to keep plunging much deeper if I would go on with my New House and place — and no reason to say any word to the Parish, they being so involv’d, and in Such Contention.  But I took a Walk to Mr. Whipples, Mr. Williams’s (to each of their Houses) to Deacon Newtons, Widow Newtons etc.  In the middst of my disconsolateness on outward Accounts, desire I may not leave trusting and reposing myself in a Mercifull and faithful God: who I pray may be my Supporter under all!