February 14, 1751

1751 February 14 (Thursday).  A fine Day after a Sharp Night, but the prospect of my Debts, Building and Family Expences very gloomy and distressing.  P.M. rode out — designing to visit Lieutenant Tainter; and yet what can he be able to do for me in these uncommon Times of Difficulty and Straitness in the Province! and especially in Times of Such Trouble and Division in the Parish!  As I pass’d by Mr. Nurse’s Lieutenant passed along in the Common Road and went to my House — but carry’d no money for my Relief.  As Soon as I was inform’d that Lieutenant had passed along the Road I turn’d my Course (from going to his House) and it being probable that the Lieutenant Saw, and was inform’d that it was I, that was at Mr. Nurse’s, yet that he had no Special Business with me, I went to Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s and reckon’d with him.  I Should have proceeded up the Road to visit Joseph Grout, but heard he was better — had no fit Since Lords Day Evening.  Lieutenant Tainter here while I was abroad.