February 17, 1751

1751 February 17 (Sunday).  I read (and gave Some Expository Hints on) Levit. 17.  Preach’d on Rom. 12.18.  Din’d at Justice Bakers.  My wife has for a long Time refus’d to dine with me there fearing to be burdensome, though the Justice has repeatedly manifested his uneasiness at her not coming, and Said that she gave him more trouble as she did not dine there.  P.M. read Acts 8, and though I had provided sufficient for another Exercise on the same subject which I preach’d on in the forenoon, yet being unwilling to harp too much on that string at this Time, I conceiv’d it best to wave what remain’d for the present, and chose to finish the Subject I was upon last Lords Day a.m. and therefore deliver’d the Rest of that Discourse (without the Reconcilement of St. James and Saint Paul) on Eph. 2.8 from page 24 to page 36, from Rom. 3.24.  Which may God be pleas’d to add his Blessing to!  N.B. I publicly notified a meeting at Mr. Hezekiah Pratts next Wednesday.