July 18, 1750

1750 July 18 (Wednesday).  Mr. Haven was examin’d and approbated by the Association.  P.M. We return’d home, but N.B. Mr. Morse’s both yesterdays and to Days Conduct towards me with reference to Mr. Marsh[1] of Narraganset Number 2 who Mr. Morse Says will not come to this Association because I am of it: and acquaints us that Mr. Marsh Spoke further to my dishonour.  To which I reply’d I fear too warmly that His reproaches instead of being to my Dishonour I esteem’d Commendation, his Invectives Panegyrics.  N.B. visited Captain Maynard who is confin’d by illness.

[1]Elisha Marsh (Harvard 1738), minister of the First Congregational Church of Westminster, then a frontier plantation known as Narragansett No. 2.  Marsh was a liberal in theology and he opposed New-Light fanaticism.  Parkman had moved to prevent Marsh from preaching at a Marlborough Association meeting in Aug., 1747, and thereafter Marsh refused to attend Association meetings.  Sibley, X, 300-306.