July 5, 1750

1750 July 5 (Thursday).  I rode Early to Boston.  Mr. Barnard[1] of Marblehead preach’d the Lecture on 1 Tim. 3.16.  I din’d at My Kinsman Oliver,[2] who has a son (Alexander) lately born.  But Sorrowful accounts of the Conduct of Jonathan Coarser[3] in his Life Time, towards his Wife; and of his Miserable End.  N.B. Her sister Lydia is embarking to go to her Husband (Mr. David) at Chebucta.  At Eve Mrs. Harris, Widow of Captain William Harris was at Brother Samuels with Brother William who is publish’d to her.  N.B. Revd. Mr. Gay[4] of Hingham was with us at supper.  It was indeed expected that my Brother would have been marry’d this Evening to the Said Lady but by means of one of her sons going to sea She would not get ready.  My Wife and I lodg’d at Brother Samuel’s, My Horse at Mr. Stoddards, my Chair at Mr. Eaton’s.

[1]The Reverend John Barnard.

[2]The Reverend Parkman’s niece, Esther Parkman, had married Edward Oliver.

[3]The Reverend Parkman’s niece, Elizabeth Tyley, had married John Coarsa.

[4]The Reverend Ebenezer Gay.