July 4, 1750

1750 July 4 (Wednesday).  This being Commencement I contracted Some acquaintance with Two of the Young Batchellours who were ingenious and Sober Men.  Sir Fish[1] and Sir True,[2] but I was entertain’d chiefly at Sir Cotton’s[3] (where I broke Fast) and at Sir Gardner’s.[4]  Was Sent for by the Corporation to give my Testimony concerning Mr. Hutchinson of Grafton.  N.B. Sir Dudley’s[5] Oration was pronounc’d, but very indifferently.  Din’d at Mr. Monis,[6] for the Sake of Mr. Martyn as well as to honor my old Master.  Conversation very much turns upon Mr. Edwards Dismission from Northampton.  P.M. the President in his Oration exceedingly laments the miserable State to which Learning and the Ministry are reduc’d — by means of the Niggardliness of people.  Complains of his own Miserable Circumstances.  N.B. Lodg’d at the Same place and Mr. Haven with me.

[1]Elisha Fish (Harvard 1750) became the second minister of the First Church in Upton, 1750-1793.  Sibley, XII, 550-556.

[2]Henry True (Harvard 1750) became the first minister of Hampstead, N.H., 1752-1782.  Sibley, XII, 588-592.

[3]Nathaniel Cotton (Harvard 1750) taught school at Weston, served as a military-chaplain in Nova Scotia, turned Anglican, and was made “chaplain and minister” of Pensacola, West Florida.  Sibley, XII, 540-543.

[4]Henry Gardner (Harvard 1750), the son of the Reverend Henry Gardner of Stow, became the first Treasurer of the State of Mass.  Sibley, XII, 558-560.

[5]Thomas Dudley (Harvard 1750), son of the Honorable William Dudley of Roxbury.  Sibley, XII, 543-544.

[6]Judah Monis, the Hebrew tutor at Harvard, was the brother-in-law of the Reverend John Martyn of Northborough.