July 6, 1750

1750 July 6 (Friday).  Mr. Oliver went with Me to one Mr. Maxwell’s in Kings Street where I bought Two Cheeses, one Gloucester (of old England), the other Rhode-Island, both weighing 32£ at 3/ old Tenor per pound.  We din’d at Judge Dudleys,[1] baited at old Mr. Livermores in Weston, called at Colonel Buckminsters[2] at Framingham and lodg’d at Mr. Joseph Havens.  N.B. an exceeding violent storm of Hail etc. on the fourth, p.m.

[1]Paul Dudley, justice of the Superior Court of Judicature.

[2]Colonel Joseph Buckminster, Jr., a prominent office-holder.  Temple, Framingham, p. 490.