November 24, 1748

1748 November 24 (Thursday).  I was in a great Deal of Confusion, and my Soul greatly bowed down, so that I was very unprepar’d for the solemnity of the Thanksgiving, and yet through the kind assistance of a gracious God I was mercifully carried through.  But I desire to humble myself before the Lord for my backwardness and unpreparedness; and may the Blood of the Great Saviour make Atonement!  I preach’d on Ps. 17.43.  O might I have the Grace wisely to observe the divine Dispensations towards the Children of Men, and might I come to understand and not only Speculatively, but Experimentally and sensibly the Loving Kindness of the Lord!  We invited Mr. Daniel Warrin (of the other precinct) and his wife and desir’d him to bring not only his wife but his Children to our House but none of them came.  Rebecca Warrin was at our Table.  At Eve Thomas Winchester was marry’d to Mary Pratt.[1]

[1]Of Grafton.