November 13, 1748

1748 November 13 (Sunday).  Read the ninth of Genesis and preach’d on Mat. 22.37.38.  Administer’d the Lords Supper.  Deacon Newton, old Mrs. Tomlin and Mrs. Patience Woods din’d here.  P.M. read ninth of Matthew.  Preach’d on Mat. 25.46, last part.  Deacon Newton requested the Church before the Congregation to excuse him from the service of Delegate, and nominated Brother Baker, but no sooner was the Matter propos’d than Ensign Bruce objected and said it was not according to Custom to propose such Things before the Congregation.  I gave him the Reason — viz. it was So late and Cold — but immediately I stopp’d the Church, and then dispatch’d it.  I perceiv’d afterwards that Lieutenant had some Disgust with the Captain about their Military proceedings.