November 16, 1748

1748 November 16 (Wednesday).  The Council form’d at Captain Willards.  Mr. Hancock[1] Moderator and pray’d.  Mr. Harrington was examin’d by Mr. Loring respecting his principles.  Mr. Storer[2] pray’d publickly.  Mr. Hancock preach’d on 1 Cor. 9.19.  Mr. Loring[3] gave the Charge, Mr. Gardner[4] pray’d after it; and Mr. Appleton[5] the right Hand of Fellowship.  Were entertain’d at the Colonels and at his son’s.  At Eve visited Madam Prentice[6] and the Doctor,[7] but lodg’d as Last.  Mr. Trowbridge[8] of Groton lodg’d with me.

[1]John Hancock of Lexington;

[2]Seth Storer of Watertown.

[3]Israel Loring of Sudbury.

[4]John Gardner of Stow.

[5]Nathaniel Appleton of Cambridge.

[6]The widow of the Reverend Mr. John Prentice.

[7]Stanton Prentice, the physician of Lancaster.

[8]The Reverend Mr. Caleb Trowbridge.