November 10, 1748

1748 November 10 (Thursday).  Mr. Cotton for Newton.  N.B. his son and Mr. Cook, his Neighbour at Newtown, with him.  Mr. Grow and Batherick at work a.m. on my back porch.  They din’d here, as did Reverend Mr. Stone,[1] Two Tainters and their Kinswoman Joanna Tainter[2] of Watertown.  Mr. Stone preach’d the Lecture on Phil. 2.8.  I Stopp’d the Church to read the Rutland Result and a Letter from Lancaster.  N.B. Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlain brought me two living Ducks to keep.  At Eve Mr. Nathaniel Whitney here to ask me whether if they should gather but a small part of the Money due to me from the North Side, among them in their South Neighbourhood, I would give a Receipt in full?  (They having heard from Lieutenant Tainter that I would.)  I told him I was not ready to make any direct answer to it.

[1]Nathan Stone of Southborough.

[2]The daughter of Captain John Tainter.