September 25, 1746

1746 September 25 (Thursday).  Sent Ebenezer to Boston.  Fast in the North Precinct.  But before I went over I visited little Joel Maynard (son of Ebenezer) and pray’d with him being dangerously sick.  At the Fast Mr. Martyn pray’d and Mr. Cushing preach’d on Isa. 26.9.  P.M. Mr. Morse[1] pray’d and I preach’d on Rev. 6.8.  O that God would hear in Heaven his dwelling place, and when he hears forgive, Pity, and appear for his people not only on account of the Sickness but the fear’d Invasion!  N.B. Sister Willard rode with me, and my Daughter rode with Mrs. Tomlin (widow) over to the Fast.  At Eve Mr. Daniel Forbush here.  Wrote by him to Brother Samuel Parkman to Secure Sister Willards Interest among them.  Some Soldiers return from Boston.

[1]Reverend Ebenezer Morse of Boylston.