September 22, 1746

1746 September 22 (Monday).  I understand that the Sickness is so sore and grievous on t’other side of the Town that three lie dead in one House (Timothy Fay’s) and his Brother Silas has lost another. Mr. Martyn here to desire me to attend a Fast in their Precinct next Thursday. At Mr. Chamberlin’s sons funeral.  N.B. There are 5 Funerals this Day in Town. God be Mercifull to us miserable Sinners and prepare us for what is yet to be laid upon us! Mr. Whipple here at Evening. We talk’d of the Brest Squadron — and I Said to him, No Doubt but One Month will bring about great overturnings. N.B. Lieutenant Thomas Forbush here, and angry that his son Samuel of Upton and his wife could not be admitted to the privilege of Baptism for their Child.  Rakes up old Things in his Fathers Days, to my Sorrow, and will have it that I have pick’d his son out, etc., whereas I have endeavour’d to do nothing by Partiality. But the Lord Sanctifie this Trouble to me!