October 1, 1746

1746 October 1 (Wednesday).  Sent for to Mrs. Rice who grows very bad.  N.B. her, and her Husbands Mutual Forgiveness.  N.B. her declaring how Easy and comfortable is her View of Departing till I put Some Close Questions about her Faith, Love to God etc.  Upon which she seem’d to be much damp’d and Confus’d: Yet maintain’d a strong Hope. Rain; yet Mr. Cushing came and preach’d my Lecture on John 3.16.  Wife and Sister Breck return’d from Marlborough in the Rain and did not go to Meeting. Sister Breck tarry’d all night.

October 3, 1746

1746 October 3 (Friday).  Bright Morning: but the Day prov’d very Windy.  Solomon Prentice went home with his Team. P.M. Mr. Abner Newton here and acquaints me that his Sister Rice is yet alive, though as they apprehend, is dying, and desires Me to visit her once More.  I went — on my way saw several of our Soldiers return’d, who Say that all Colonel Chandlers and Colonel Wards Regiments are dismiss’d. As to Mrs. Rice I found her in the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and as she said freely, ready and willing to Depart.  She gave her Testimony to the usefulness and Expediency of our attending upon Divine Ordinances. Said that God had graciously manifested his Mercy to her since she came to that Bed. I mix’d some Caution with my Consolation notwithstanding. But she fully expected Soon to be remov’d to Glory.  After Prayer I gave Exhortation to all present — and particularly to the Children. Return’d sometime before sundown.

October 7, 1746

1746 October 7 (Tuesday).  I visited a.m. Mrs. Rice who is Somewhat better.  Two of their Children taken sick. Their little Thimme very ill: but is at his Uncle Seth’s.  I rode to Mr. Whipples, Mr. James Maynards, Mr. Seth Rice’s, but he was not at home, his wife in great Trouble because of her Husbands Distractions: was at Ensign Rice’s — neither was he at home.  I proceeded to Mr. Bellows whose wife was ill, and their Daughter Sarah Forbush’s Child. Visited also Mrs. Fay, Messrs. Green, Edwards Whipple whose Child is ill — and then hasten’d over to the southside.  Din’d at Mr. Jonas Childs (from its Convenience to the School House) attended the Catechizing of above 50 (if I mistake not 55) Children of that part of the Town. Was at Mr. Daniel Forbush’s at Catechizing. N.B. Mr. Millers Company part of the way Home, for I turn’d away to Deacon Newtons.

October 8, 1746

1746 October 8 (Wednesday).  The Weather much alter’d — a Cold Air like Winter.  Was at Mr. Hows, Tomlins, Chamberlins and Captain Maynards a.m.  At old Mr. Maynards p.m. Neighbour David and his Sister Hannah went to Boston at Eve by whom I sent to Mr. Greens for Mr. Edwards’s Books on Religious Affections which I so long ago subscrib’d for.  Mr. Samuel Williams here at Evening. My Sons have pick’d up our Apples, gather’d the Beans, and this afternoon some of the Corn.

October 10, 1746

1746 October 10 (Friday).  I was not well in the Early Morning So great Pains in my Bowels and working that I fear’d whether I should go out to Day; but I grew better, and though it was a Cold, Raw, Rainy Day, yet (it holding up at the Time of my going and being abroad) I went to Mrs. Rice’s Funeral, and visited Mr. Edwards Whipples Child.  N.B. Christian, the Widow of Old George Misco, Indian, expir’d. Deacon Whittemore of Cambridge at Eve, and lodg’d here.

October 12, 1746

1746 October 12 (Sunday).  I with my wife went to the Funeral of old Christian.  She was bury’d in a very decent manner by Captain Maynard, from his house.  Samuel Brigham Esquire, Edward Baker Esquire, Captain Timothy Brigham, Messrs. Jotham and Charles Brigham and many others (besides a Number of Indians) attended.  She was carry’d to our South Burying Place. At Eve Mr. Edward Bass, Schoolmaster at Lancaster came to see us, my wife being a Relation. Bekky Hicks watch’d with Neighbour Edwards Whipple little Daughter which dy’d in the Night.  Not being able by means of many Interruptions to finish my Preparations without much Difficulty, and hurrying what I wanted to take Some Time about, I threw them aside for the present and preach’d again my sermon on Job 22.21, a. and p.m. N.B. No Proclamation till I was going into the Pulpit p.m.

October 16, 1746

1746 October 16 (Thursday).  Publick Fast on Occasion of the Distresses the Province is under by the War, and especially the Great French Squadron appearing in North America; the Hopes also we are in of an English Fleet for Help.  Mr. Bacon preach’d all Day. A.M. on Ps. 50.15. P.M. on Zech. 7.5. O that God would hear in Heaven and answer and defer not for His own names sake!

October 17, 1746

1746 October 17 (Friday).  Mr. Bacon left us for Wrentham.  P.M. Visited Abigail Whipple and Hepzibah Rice.  Ebenezer got home our Cyder, 7 Barells, from Mr. Hows Mill.  N.B. We have made in all this Year something more than Nine Barrells.  More than ordinary Cold and Raw Weather — very uncomfortable for people that labor abroad.  My son gather’d some of the Corn.

October 23, 1746

1746 October 23 (Thursday).  Ebenezer fetch’d 4 1/2 Bushel Turnips from Mr. Hezekiah Pratts which with 1 1/2 receiv’d already was my 6 propos’d Stock of him (at 3/6 per Bushel) but he afterwards sent Me a Bag more which were his present to Me.  P.M. my Sons gather’d the rest of the Corn. I rode to Shrewsbury upon Several Small Affairs, but perceiv’d that people were gone to Lecture (which I had heard nothing of) whereupon I Snatch’d the Opportunity and went also.  Mr. Martyn preach’d on John 8.23. Those words — Ye are of this World. N.B. His Wife with him. We return’d to the parting of our Roads together. N.B. I was with Colonel Ward and Requested his Chair to wait on my sister Willard to Boston; who Consented to it without Difficulty.

October 24, 1746

1746 October 24 (Friday).  Wondrous pleasant weather from Day to Day. As I last night had Some Discourse with Deacon Newton and Mr. Elisha Ward about my Circumstances with relation to the Town and this Precinct, so I had to Day with Captain Warrin.  But I find no likelihood of a precinct meeting presently — unless I am my Self more Strenuous. N.B. Mr. Tinney was a work here in the Morning, mending the roof of my House.

October 26, 1746

1746 October 26 (Sunday).  On Tit. 2.12, those words, “So live soberly,” and repeat’d on p.m. the last part of sermon on Job 22.21.  At Eve came Mr. Grindal Rawson[1] a School Master and preacher at Worcester, who had preach’d at Southborough the preceding Day, and he lodg’d here.

[1]Harvard 1741).  Later the minister at Ware, 1751-1754, and of Yarmouth, 1755- 1760.  Sibley, XI, 58-64.

October 28, 1746

1746 October 28 (Tuesday).  What Patience and Longsuffering of God are we call’d to Celebrate and magnifie Since we have been indulg’d now Two and Twenty Years in Church State and Relation.  The Lords Name be prais’d with my whole Soul, and by all his people of this place!  But may we be truely humbl’d for our Shamefull unprofitableness!  And O that we might obtain the Quickening Grace of God that we may become More fruitfull and faithfull under our Sacred Bonds and Obligations and unspeakable Advantages!  I endeavour’d to take some Notice of the Way — but alas with much Brokenness and Interruptions.  Towards Eve Mr. Millen[1] of Chauxit here.  My Wife rode to Mr. Grouts.  Ebenezer to Colonel Wards of Shrewsbury for his Chair.  I walk’d at Eve to see Ensign Newton again, who seem’d a little reviv’d and Easy — was in at Deacon Newtons.  May God fitt us all for sickness and Death!

[1]The Reverend John Mellen of Sterling.

October 30, 1746

1746 October 30 (Thursday).  Rode to Boston in the Morning.  Sister Betty very ill. She was brought home from Lieutenant Williams’s (of Lynn End) last Saturday.  Was much griev’d as were all her Friends to see her so much concern’d about her Daughter Eliza’s having her design’d Share of the Estate; and was in agony to have Elias to take his Pen and Ink and Sett down what Eliza should have.  I din’d at Mrs. Keggells, and rode with her over to her Brother Bass’s at Dorchester. Return’d at Eve. Horse kept at Procters. Visited sister Betty, who had been yet more uneasy in the afternoon before a multitude of people in her Chamber, about her son Elias — but was now calmer. Methinks she apparently grows worse.  I made opportunity to talk freely with her alone. She took it thankfully. Mr. Joseph White (her uncle) came to see her also and he talk’d in a savoury Manner. I Lodg’d with my Kinsman. Sent Mr. Tinneys Horse home with Mr. Phinehas Hardy.

October 31, 1746

1746 October 31 (Friday).  Took my Final Leave of Sister Betty — being convinc’d that I should never see her again, for the Season of the Year obliges me to return home, and we know not but she may lye so several Days.  Din’d at Brother Alexanders — and having dispatch’d my Business rode with Molly in the Same Chair I came down in, to Cambridge.