September 18, 1746

1746 September 18 (Thursday).  Fast at Mr. Jacob Gibbs’s in Hopkinton: after visiting Several sick Familys (Mr. Chamberlins, Captain Maynards, Mr. Pratts and Mr. Jonah Warrins) I rode over to those Exercises.  Mrs. Gibbs lyes in a miserable Condition by a Cancer in her Breast.  Mr. Barrett began with Prayer. Mr. Prentice[1] of Holliston preach’d on Mark 7.37.  He hath done all Things Well.  P.M. I pray’d and preach’d on Phil. 1.21.  And O that God would pardon our Defects and accept our Offerrings through Jesus Christ and have Mercy upon his Handmaid for his Name’s Sake.  As I return’d I found that one of Mr. Warrins Children[2] was dead; and the other which was sick, growing worse.  The Lord Sanctifie his holy Hand to my afflicted Neighbours and to all of us, for our great awakening; and prepare us for his holy Will!

[1]Reverend Joshua Prentice.

[2]Elisha, the son of Jonah Warrin died Sept. 18, 1746.