September 1, 1746

1746 September 1 (Monday).  Wrote a Letter at the fervent Desire of his Wife to Mr. John Rogers (now a soldier at or near Winchester) to inform of the distress of his Family and the Death of his Child Betty, and the sickness of little Persis. I wrote also a Number of Letters to Neighbouring Ministers to desire their Assistance at the propos’d Fast.  Lieutenant Tainter here. Kill’d my old Ram. Molly took another part of her purge, and I hope she is better. Deo Soli Laus!  A long Time of Foul Weather.  Tis not a little dull without my Dear Consort — but how is it with them who part for 5 nay 10 Times so long?  How lonely soever I am, yet how happy is She in the Embraces of her dear Pierpoint? She has so many articles to reveal and to hear that She can have little Leisure to think of what she has left behind.  But how Ardent and United were we this Day Nine Year ago! when our Nuptials were Celebrated at Mr. Pierpoints at Boston. The Lord has pleas’d to overlook the many miscarriages and Defects which we have been chargeable with since, especially my own!  and make us Mutually Blessings, and Helps to the Kin of God! O how soon the Time will come when there will be neither marrying nor giving in Marriage, but the Saints shall be as the Angels of God!