April 30, 1744

1744 April 30 (Monday).  Brother Breck went to Marlborough.  Brother Hicks here.  Captain Maynard rais’d another Large Barn.  My Wife and I were there.  N.B. One Goodhew, a Young Man from Boston residing among us, had a fall from the Frame and was led into the House much hurt, but afterwards recover’d.  At Supper there were So many to be entertain’d that we were kept till 10 o’Clock.  I manifested so much uneasiness that we were so detain’d that I concluded everybody would retire home as Soon as they might, but it prov’d otherwise.  Many tarried long after I was got home and the Time run off; among the rest 3 of my own Family.  After 12 I walk’d away towards the House again.  Ebenezer and Thomas Needham were returning home — upon which I went to my Bed — but understanding that there were many yet behind and among them Some Heads of Family, I rose very uneasy and went down to the House, and having acquainted Captain Maynard with what Time of Night it was, I ask’d him whether he did not Consent to my going in among the Company that were Still diverting themselves at this unseasonable Time.  I went in and admonish’d them, and sent them home.  N.B. George Smith (the Taylor) and Robert Bradish made the Chief Stand — but Smith I Sent off and Bradish took up his Lodging there.  This Exerting my Authority gave me great uneasiness, but I was resolute to Shew Impartiality and not be partaker of other Mens Sins, as likewise to discharge my own Duty as Watchman in this Place and as having the Care of their Souls.  N.B. Thomas Winchester last 1/2 Day.