April 15, 1744

1744 April 15 (Sunday).  Captain Hazzeltine was in doubt what would become of me at Noon, but Mr. Fisk who liv’d nigher the Meeting House was so good as to ask me to Dinner as did also Captain Sadler[1] who was Still more conveniently Situated.  Preach’d on Luke 19.10.  Din’d at Captain Sadlers.  Captain Tyler[2] and his Wife of Still River there also.  Some Number Seem’d to be greatly affected, especially one Mr. Peas[3] could not wholly contain himself.  After Meeting I refresh’d at Captain Sadlers.  Ensign Woods[4] greatly insisted upon my going to his House to See his Lad who had fallen from a Damm and grievously hurt his Jaw Bone.  I went.  Captain Hazzelton, Captain Sadler, Lieutenant Taft there also.  Then return’d Evening.  I came Home though it was very Late.

[1]John Sadler of Upton.

[2]Edward Tyler of Harvard, Mass.

[3]Josiah Pease.

[4]Jonathan Wood.