April 26, 1744

1744 April 26 (Thursday).  My wife and I rode over with Captain Fay to Lieutenant Holloways where the Captain was marry’d to the widow Mary Rice, and we had an handsome Entertainment.  N.B. the Bride’s Grandson Jonathan Oake, who was before Lame and one-eyed has lately met with another Maim, his Uncle George having accidentally Splitt his Hand from the Finger to the wrist.  I carry’d my wife to Bezaleel Eagers and left her there, that I might go up into Shrewsbury and Discourse with Colonel Nahum Ward upon the Wheeler Affair.  I went as far as Mr. Cushings (though it was when their Lecture was done) but made no Stay.  Was very friendly receiv’d by the Colonel, who as he advis’d me to go to Grafton tomorrow So at my request was willing to go over also.  N.B. Several Northampton men at Eagers in the Eve.  When we return’d home we found Lieutenant Holloway and Mr. Wheeler with their wives, who had been waiting upon the Bridegroom and Bride to the Lodgings at Young Mr. David Maynards.