April 18, 1744

1744 April 18 (Wednesday).  Mr. Barrett[1] not being present I preach’d the public Lecture.  Text Luke 16.23.  N.B. The first Time I preach’d in the New Meeting House.  P.M. I got an Horse of Mr. Prentice,[2] and (Mr. Bowers[3] of Middletown in Connecticut and Mr. Whitcomb[4] of Lancaster part of the way in Company) I rode to Luningburgh and to Townshend, lodg’d at Lieutenant Taylors,[5] but alas! the house in Tears for my kind Landlady, Mrs. Taylor, who lately deceas’d.  N.B. Several Houses in Townsend fortify’d against the Indians.

[1]Rev. Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.

[2]Rev. John Prentice of Lancaster

[3]Rev. Benjamin Bowers (HC 1733), minister of Haddam, Conn., 1740-1761.  SHG 9:278-79.

[4] Deacon David Whitcomb.

[5]Daniel Taylor.  See Ithamar B. Sawtelle, History of the Town of Townsend (Fitchburg, 1878), 154.