July 31, 1742

1742 July 31 (Saturday).  Heard that a Barn of Mr. Gleson of Sudbury was burnt by the Lightning last Night in which was a good Quantity of English Hay and Grain: and that Four Cattle were killed at Framingham.  Thomas brought home a Load of Hay from the Meadow and got in our Rye.  N.B. The Hay (being the last) at the Meadow all Secured.  N.B. Mr. Helyer[1] from Boston here, on his Journey to preach at Grafton.  N.B. a refreshing Shower to Day also.  I rode to Southborough and Mr. Stone to Westborough at Eve.

[1]Jonathan Helyer (1719-1745), Harvard 1738, minister of the First Congregational Church, Newport, Rhode Island, 1744-1745; SHG, 10:294-95.