July 25, 1742

1742 July 25 (Sunday).  On 1 Thess. 5.19.  2 Cor. 2.15.16.  N.B. Mr. Barretts son[1] and his wifes sister (Mrs. Everett) and Lieutenant Whood and his wife at Meeting here and dined with us, Mr. Barrett being gone to Boston to his Mothers Funeral.  N.B. Mr. Jacob Amsdens wife came to Meeting, who has never been at the public Worship till now ever since I was first in this Town.

[1]Samuel Barrett, son of Rev. Samuel Barrett, minister of Hopkinton, was b. Sept. 10, 1726; SHG, 6:432.  The minister’s wife was Anna Morris of Boston; ibid., 429.