July 5, 1742

1742 July 5 (Monday).  Mr. Biglo came to work — to mow with Thomas Winchester.  I rode down to Watertown.  In my Journey I was at Mr. David Hows and dined gratis.  Received a Message from Mr. William Brintnall that Mr. Swift desired me (as Mr. Loring had before done) to preach to a Society made up of Several Familys in both Framingham and Sudbury.  N.B. hindered and belated by showers.  N.B. Mr. Seccomb[1] and Mr. Goss[2] upon the Road in Sudbury.  I called to see my Friend Dr. Ebenezer Roby in his sorrowful bereaved State.  We called also at Mr. Williams’s at Weston.  At Watertown to shelter me from a sudden shower I run in to Capt. Homans, with whom I was utterly unacquainted but was treated with great Humanity.  Went to Mr. Jenisons and lodged there.

[1]John Seccomb (1708-1792), Harvard 1728, minister of Harvard, 1733-1757, Chester, Nova Scotia, 1759-1792.  SHG 8:481-90.

[2]Thomas Goss (1716-1780), Harvard 1737, minister at Bolton, 1741-1777; Bolton Second Church, 1771-1780; SHG, 10:175-85.