July 9, 1742

1742 July 9 (Friday).  I rode to Framingham, to Mr. Brintnalls, where I dined.  I preached according to appointment at Mr. Darlings; Text Luk. 10.19.  People very thankful and Courteous.  Mr. Mansfield[1] (Shooemaker at Marlborough) accompanyed me part of the way up.  Got home safely, through the Great Goodness of God.  Billy ill most of the week of Fever and Flux.  N.B. Mr. Barrett and his sister Barrett, his wifes sister Everett and his son came to Mr. Wilsons while I was there.

[1]Mansfield, shoemaker of Marlborough; this is Parkman’s only reference to him in the entire diary.  Two births are recorded in the church records but without the parents’ first names: Mary, bapt. Feb. 27, 1743, and Hannah, bapt. Feb. 10, 1745; MVR, 126.