July 6, 1742

1742 July 6 (Tuesday).  Rode to F. Champneys where Molly has been for several Days, and is out of Health.  Rode to Charlestown.  Made a Visit to Mr. Davenport[1] who kept at Major Jenners’s.  Proceeded to Boston and waited on my honoured aged Mother  who through God’s great Mercy is yet alive and in Some Comfort.  But I first of all (at this Time) visited my Bereaved Brother William who lately buryed his dear Daughter Elizabeth of above 20 Years of Age — of any ingenuous Temper and of a pious Disposition.  Dyed with a good hope through Grace.  I bought Several more Small Books of Mrs. Greenwood.  Returned to Cambridge at Night.  N.B. Samme Breck[2] much out of Health — wasted by a bad Cough etc.

[1]James Davenport (1716-1757), Yale 1732, minister at Southold, Long Island, 1738-1743; New London separatist church, 1743-1744; Hopewell, New Jersey; DYG, 1:447-50.

[2]Parkman’s brother-in-law, Samuel Breck (1723-1764), Harvard 1742; SHG, 11:131-32.