June 30, 1742

1742 June 30 (Wednesday).  Mr. Goddard went away early.  Mr. Breck, Mr. Ballantine[1] and Mr. Gay,[2] from Shrewsbury this morning came and breakfasted with us and went off for Marlborough.  P.M. My wife and I rode to Mr. Wheelers and to Mr. James Balls[3] — visited the rest on the Hill.  Marryed Joshua Johnson to Hannah Ball[4] at her Fathers, where there was a good Entertainment and Considerable Company.  A great Shower after fair and hot weather, So that our Hay was drenched again.  We got home Comfortably at Eve.  At Ensign Maynards (where we left Billy) was Mr. Gibbs[5] of Hopkinton waiting to deliver me Mr. Barretts and Mr. Isaac Hows request that I would preach to said How on the Morrow if he shall be then alive.  But Mr. Barrett is then to preach at Wrentham.

[1]John Ballantine (1716-1776), Harvard 1735, minister at Westfield, 1741-1776; SHG, 9:468-72.

[2]Ebenezer Gay (1718-1796), Harvard 1737, minister at Suffield, Connecticut, 1742-1796; SHG, 10:171-75.

[3]James Ball (1695-1756) was among the original members of the church who signed the covenant, Oct. 28, 1724 (WCR, 379).

[4]Hannah, dau. James and Sarah Ball, bapt. June 30, 1723 (MVR, 16).

[5]There were several men by the name of Gibbs in Hopkinton at this time.  Perhaps this was Jacob Gibbs at whose home there was a fast several years later on account of Mrs. Gibbs who was “in a miserable Condition by a Cancer in her Breast” (Sept. 18, 1746).