June 15, 1742

1742 June 15 (Tuesday).  Much interrupted in the Morning with Mr. Joseph Wheeler who takes Exception against the Doctrines I deliver one Sabbath after another.  I rode to Mr. Lorings of Sudbury, where the Association met.  There were Mr. J. Prentice, Mr. Cushing, Mr. N. Stone and Mr. Buckminster.  Mr. Buckminster offered himself to be Examined.  He was So: and he delivered a sermon on Luke 10.41.42.  At Eve I asked advice respecting the Doctrines I had lately delivered from Eph. 5.14 and Rom. 8.8, and on that Question: Are there not some promises made to humble, fervent Strivers that they shall obtain the Grace of God.  See Prov. 1.22, Isa., Ch. 55.7, Mat. [blank], Corinth.[blank].  N.B. Council at Concord called by Ezekiel Miles and others, dissatisfyed with Mr. Bliss.