June 29, 1742

1742 June 29 (Tuesday).  Ebenezer chooses to drop his Books and longs for a Scyth.  I have now given way to his Mowing.  Mrs. Snell[1] to talk with me about her owning the Covenant as was also Mr. Jotham Brigham and his wife.[2]  At Eve Mr. Goddard of Leicester here and lodged here.  Several Load of Hay out and wet — after bright hot Sunshine.

[1]The Westborough church records do not indicate that Mrs. Snell owned the covenant.  See June 21 (above).

[2]Parkman listed Jotham Brigham among the first inhabitants of Westborough; WCR, flyleaf.  He was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Brigham, b. Dec. 23, 1695; MVR, 41.  He mar. Abigail How in 1719 or 1720; MVR, 230.  The Westborough church records contain no record that the Brighams owned the covenant.