June 16, 1742

1742 June 16 (Wednesday).  Very useful and profitable Conversations upon several Heads of Divinity, especially referring to the Great Article of Conversion, Comparing Several of Mr. Stoddards[1] writings.  I also read a large Paper of the Experiences of a Young woman, a Member of the Church in Westborough which I had from her in her own MSS.  Mr. Buckminster preached the Public Lecture on Heb. 11.7, which was to tolerable acceptance; and seeing his Deportment, Humility, Serious Bent etc. he was the More endeared to us, and we drew up and signed a Certificat.  Mr. Cushing and I came up into Marlborough.  At Dr. Gotts we tarried while the shower went over and made it nigh night.  But I came home comfortably.  Betty Fay[2] the Taylor woman at work here.

[1]Solomon Stoddard (1643-1729), Harvard 1662, minister at Northampton, 1669-1729 (SHG, 2:111-22).  Jonathan Edwards, Stoddard’s grandson, succeeded him at Northampton.

[2]Betty or Elizabeth Fay, b. Oct. 1, 1722, dau. of John, Jr., and Hannah (Child) Fay.  Her father died in 1732, and her mother mar. Samuel Liscomb, also spelled Lyscom, Mar, 7, 1734 (WVR 148), and was dismissed to the Southborough church, July 27, 1735 (WCR, 37-38).