August 29, 1740

1740 August 29 (Friday).  Brother Hicks goes to Boston dissatisfy’d about the Managements of the Directors of the Land Bank.  Ebenezer so ill he could not go to Boston as was propos’d, that he might go to School.  I undertook my Journey home.  Call’d at Mr. John Hunts[1] at Watertown (who has lately set up a Still House there).  There I found Mr. Cheney[2] of Brookfield who was riding home also.  We din’d at Mr. Williams’s[3] at Weston where were Mr. Seccomb[4] and Halery[5] of Newton (a young preacher).  At Marlborough We found Colonel Woods in a low State of Health.  Call’d at Dr. Gotts.  Mr. Cheney rode to our House and lodged here.

[1]A Representative.  Bond, Watertown, 304.

[2]Rev. Thomas Cheney.

[3]Rev. William Williams.

[4]Rev. John Seccomb of Harvard, Mass.

[5]Parkman probably meant Jonathan Helyer (HC 1738), who later was minister at Newport.  SHG, 10:294-295.