August 28, 1740

1740 August 28 (Thursday).  A.M. at Sir Gay’s[1] Chamber where was Mr. Obadiah Ayres,[2] Mr. Samuel Coolidge,[3] etc.  Din’d at Sir Princes[4] Chamber.  P.M. Negro Boys in Masquerade.  Eve at Mr. Rogers.[5]

[1]Samuel Gay (HC 1740).  SHG, 10:496.

[2](HC 1710).  The chaplain of Castle William.  SHG, 5:510-512.

[3](HC 1724).  He was the schoolmaster of Watertown.  SHG, 7:326-331.

[4]Thomas Prince (HC 1740).

[5]Daniel Rogers (HC 1725), a tutor at Harvard College.  SHG, 7:554-560.