August 17, 1740

1740 August 17 (Sunday).  On Luke 12.21.  Mrs. Bathsheba Pratt,[1] Mrs. Rebecca Warrin,[2] Mrs. Joanna Forbush[3] and Mrs. Sarah Bruce[4] din’d with us.  At Noon I receiv’d a Letter from Mr. Ebenezer Morse[5] to request me to preach at Rutland this Day sennight — Mr. Frink having abdicated, but it must be (by Divine Permission) our Communion Day.  At Eve I sent an answer by Dr. Smith who had been to See Two more of Mr. James Bradish’s Children Sick of the Throat Distemper.  Scil. Jonas and Joseph.

[1]Mrs. John Pratt.

[2]Mrs. Timothy Warrin.

[3]Mrs. Jonathan Forbush, Jr.

[4]Mrs. Thomas Bruce.

[5]Later the minister at Boylston, Mass.