July 1, 1740

1740 July 1 (Tuesday).  We din’d at Brother Elias’s.  P.M. Mr. Halyer and my Kinsman Elias perswaded me to go off into the Harbour to fish.  We got aground by the Castle and did not get up home till 2 o’Clock next morning.  A very Pleasant Time.  We caught 13 tom Codd.  Had Mr. Langdons Boat.  Mr. Halyer lodg’d with us.  My Wife lodg’d at Brother Alexander’s with sister Lydia Champney.

July 2, 1740

1740 July 2 (Wednesday).  This Day was observ’d as a Day of Fasting and Prayer at Cambridge on the Account of the Throat Distemper there, which otherwise had been the Commencement.  Din’d at Brother Samuel’s and Brother Breck with us.  P.M. We went to the Baptist Meeting where Mr. Callender[1] of Newport preach’d on 1 Cor. 11.28.  After Lecture we went to Mr. Condeys[2] Lodgings at Mr. Jarvis’s[3] where were Mr. Chauncy,[4] Harrison Gray,[5] etc.  At Eve at Mrs. Keggells,[6] old Mr. Lorings, etc.  Lodg’d at Brother Elias’s.

[1]Rev. John Callender (HC 1723), Baptist minister at Newport, R.I., 1731-1748.  SHG, 7:150-155.

[2]Rev. Jeremiah Condy (HC 1726), minister of the First Baptist Church of Boston, 1738-1764.  SHG, 8:20-30.

[3]Nathaniel Jarvis of Boston.

[4]Rev. Charles Chauncy.

[5]Later the Treasurer of the Province and a Loyalist who left Boston in 1776.  M.D. Raymond, Gray Genealogy (Tarrytown, 1887), 192.

[6]Mrs. Abel Keggell, the cousin of Mrs. Parkman.

July 3, 1740

1740 July 3 (Thursday).  Mr. Webb[1] Lecture on Rev. 3.1.2.  I din’d at Brother Alexander’s.  My Wife at Brother Samuels, and with her din’d Dr. Smith[2] of Shrewsbury.  P.M. I was at Mr. John Barretts where were Mr. Barrett[3] of Hopkinton and Mr. Cabbot[4] of Thompson after which I was at Mr. Salters,[5] with a young Association of Batchelors.  At Eve at Brother Samuels and lodg’d there.

[1]Rev. John Webb.

[2]Dr. Joshua Smith.  Ward, Shrewsbury, 436.

[3]Rev. Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton.

[4]Rev. Marston Cabot (HC 1724), first minister of Thompson, Conn., 1729-1756.  SHG, 7:320-324.

[5]Richard Salter (HC 1739), later minister at Mansfield, Conn., 1744-1787.  SHG, 10:404-409.

July 4, 1740

1740 July 4 (Friday).  Din’d at Brother Parkman’s, his Son John and his Wife likewise there.  P.M. Visited Mr. Robert Brecks wife — and Mr. John Breck.  At Eve the Private Meeting which Should otherwise have been at Brother Samuels was remov’d to Brother Elias’s and I preach’d on Heb. 12.5.  Lodg’d at Brother Elias’s.

July 5, 1740

1740 July 5 (Saturday).  I was at Mr. Thatchers[1] and bought the whole works of the Author of the Whole Duty of Man.[2]  Several Persons (Cousin  Elias, and Two Elizas) accompany’d us to Charlestown.  My Daughter Molly, who had been at Boston Several Weeks, being now to return home with us.  Mounted between 11 and 12.  Din’d at Brother Barretts[3] at Cambridge, his wife having lately been deliver’d of a son.  It was after one when we left Cambridge.  N.B. The Distemper not so raging as last week, when no less than 8 dy’d therefrom.  At Mr. Harringtons Tavern we had Mr. Belcher Hancocks Company to Marlborough.  Got home between 9 and 10 and found all in Safety.  D.G.

[1]Rev. Peter Thatcher.

[2]Richard Allestree, D.D. (1619-1681), the royalist divine, is generally held to have been the author of The Whole Duty of Man, which was first published in 1658, and went through more than thirty editions.  The work Parkman refers to may have been his Forty Sermons whereof Twenty-one are now First Published (2 vols.; London, 1684).

[3]John Barrett, who had married Ruth, the daughter of Samuel Champney, Sr., of Cambridge.  Paige, Cambridge, 506.

July 8, 1740

1740 July 8 (Tuesday).  In the Forenoon I was at the Funeral of Mr. Haywards Child.  From thence I rode to Josiah Bowkers, call’d at John Bowkers[1] and thence proceeded to Mr. Cushing[2] to Association.  Mr. Prentice, Mr. Loring and Mr. Frink[3] were there.  Mr. Loring gave us some account of his late Journey to York to visit Mr. Edmund Brown, late of Sudbury, under Condemnation for the Murther of [blank] Briant; and gave us a Concio on Eph. 6.18 and part of 19.  Mr. Meacham[4] of Coventry and Mr. Woodbridge[5] of Hatfield came in.  At night I returned home, because of Several Workmen mowing today for me.  Scil. Mr. Cornelius Biglo, Mr. John Caruth and Jonathan Green.  Mr. Biglo stay’d over night.  At Eve came Mr. Solomon Prentice.

[1]Of Westborough until 1741, when he moved to Marlborough.  Hudson, Marlborough, 225,

[2]Rev. Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.

[3]Rev. Thomas Frink of Rutland.

[4]Rev. Joseph Meacham (HC 1710), minister of South Coventry, Conn., 1714-1752.  SHG, 5:533-536.

[5]Rev. Timothy Woodbridge, Jr., of Hatfield, Mass.

July 10, 1740

1740 July 10 (Thursday).  Busy about my Hay part of the forenoon.  Disappointed of all in my Lecture.  I repeated Sermon on Ps. 43.3.4.  After Lecture Lieutenant Tainter and Neighbor Thurston were very helpfull about my Hay — pitching up what was in Disorder in the Barn and poling a Quantity that was abroad.  A pritty hot Season.

July 15, 1740

1740 July 15 (Tuesday).  I rode to my ministerial Meadow, found Edward and Benjamin Whipple mowing.  It was already somewhat Brown and ought to have been cutt before this Day.  I rode to Mr. Whipples, Captain Fays, Mr. Grouts,[1] Cousin Winchesters, Mr. Nathaniel Whitneys, Walkers, Tainters (where I din’d — N.B. Discourse with Bekky),[2] old Mrs. Rice’s and thence home about 2 p.m.

[1]Joseph Grout.

[2]Mrs. Simon Tainter.

July 17, 1740

1740 July 17 (Thursday).  Neighbor Warrin came between 10 and 11, mow’d till near noon then pitch’d up a great parcel of Hay in the Bay and Barn Floor and put the mow to rights.  He mow’d a little and was so ill that he broke off before night, but help’d us in carrying in Hay.  Mr. Eliezer Bellows carted home Boards for me, the Remainder of what I bought of Mr. Mead.

July 20, 1740

1740 July 20 (Sunday).  In the Morning I walk’d with Dr. Smith to See Solomon Hapgood, second son of Captain Hapgood[1] who was very bad of the Throat Distemper.  I preach’d on Hos. 6.1 a. and p.m.  After Services Mr. Cushing came home, and went to Captain Hapgoods — But the sun being sett I returned home.

[1]Thomas Hapgood of Shrewsbury.  Ward, Shrewsbury, 306.

July 21, 1740

1740 July 21 (Monday).  Thomas Winchester and Thomas Whitney went with Edward Whipple to mow in the Meadow.  Thomas Whitney soon cutt himself and went home.  My little Boys considerable of Hay to take Care of and nobody to help ‘em.  P.M. Messrs. Whipples brought home (with one Team) Two Load of Hay from the Meadow and got up one Load from below my old House and southside.  Sold them a Barrell of Cyder for 16 Shillings.  N.B. Neighbor Cook[1] and John Rogers in Contest before Colonel Nahum Ward.[2]

[1]Cornelius Cook.

[2]The magistrate, of Shrewsbury.

July 22, 1740

1740 July 22 (Tuesday).  I rose early and rode as far as Mr. Biglo’s.  Met Mr. Eliezer Bellows going to work for Ensign Maynard[1] notwithstanding that he had promis’d to come and help me, for which I was disquieted with him.  Call’d at Neighbor Abner Newtons and receiv’d £5.  Neighbor Biglo and his Boy, neighbor Daniel Hardy and Jonas Warrin, junior mow’d for me.  The weather Clear yet and the Earth very dry.  The Staple in my Pump Handle drew out and Sunk down to the Box, which oblig’d me to pull up the pump Spire; and it being very long, Neighbor Hardy (who endeavor’d to hold it up) let it fall and broke off the Top nigh a foot and half which put us into much trouble for Water.  N.B. Neighbor Jesse Maynard[2] and his wife here in order to their owning the Covenant.  N.B. Solomon Hapgood and Mr. Daniel Drury, Child, of Shrewsbury, bury’d, both having dy’d of the Throat Distemper.

[1]Stephen Maynard of Westborough.

[2]Son of David Maynard, an original settler.

July 24, 1740

1740 July 24 (Thursday).  Rain still.  The Seasonableness of the Rain may prevent our meadow repining for our Hay, though Two Load or more at the Meadow and 3 or 4 Days Mowing at home lyes expos’d.  P.M. clear’d away and nigh 1/2 after 4 o’Clock Mr. Biglo came and Tom with him and mow’d till night the new ground above the Orchard and both of them lodg’d here.

July 25, 1740

1740 July 25 (Friday).  Mr. Biglo went to the Meadow to mow the North Side of the Brook.  Tom mow’d a little in the morning, and afterwards we all made and raked till night.  N.B. Disappointed  by Neighbor Daniel Warrin, whom I would fain have had for the afternoon although I willingly releas’d him to his own work in the morning.  At Eve reckon’d with Neighbor Aaron Forbush.  N.B. Timothy Warrin and wife here in the Evening.

July 26, 1740

1740 July 26 (Saturday).  Mr. Biglo went again to mow the north side of the Meadow.  Tom Rak’d at Home.  N.B. Neighbor Daniel Warrin came to work, but I had engag’d help Sufficient, and my Business being near finish’d I let him have his Choice to go or Stay upon which he went home.  Mr. Aaron Forbush came between 10 and 11 a.m. with his Team and got in Two Turns of Hay.  Mr. Biglo afternoon came and help’d rake and Cock the Hay at Home.

July 31, 1740

1740 July 31 (Thursday).  A Clear good Hay Day.  We open’d and Spread what the Storms had Soak’d and recock’d it by the help of Neighbor Daniel Warrin who help’d me from noon till 4 o’Clock p.m.  We pol’d in Some leavy Hay from the New Ground on the East Side of the upper Garden.  At Night a Thunder Storm.  The Two little Boys rak’d yesterday and today at the Meadow what Mr. Biglo mow’d, and Aaron Forbush junior (who went about the middle of the afternoon) cock’d it, about 28 Cocks.  N.B. Girls to Huckleberrying.