August 27, 1740

1740 August 27 (Wednesday).  Commencement.  Din’d in the Hall.  My Kinsman Elias[1] Receiv’d his Degree, but did not dispute.  Lodg’d at Father Champney’s, and Cousen Elizabeth,[2] Her Brother and Mr. Halyer at Deacon Sparhawks.[3] Sorrowful News of the Death of Mr. Stoddard[4] of Chelmsford, who dy’d in his Well.

[1]Elias Parkman (HC 1737) was the son of Elias Parkman of Boston.  Elias, Jr., became a physician of Boston.  SHG, 10:223-224.

[2]Elizabeth, the daughter of Joseph Champney of Cambridge.

[3]Nathaniel Sparhawk.  Paige, Cambridge, 657.

[4]Rev. Samson Stoddard (HC 1701), minister of Chelmsford, 1706-1740.  SHG, 5:119-122.