July 26, 1739

1739 July 26 (Thursday).  Drisly weather.  In the morning we pol’d in Hay.  At noon walk’d as far as Jedidiah Hows where I had an Horse to ride to Shrewsbury Lecture.  I did not get up there till Mr. Cushing had begun the Publick service.  I preach’d on Jude 10.21 to page [blank].  N.B. Dr. Stannton Prentice[1] and three of his Sisters there.  After Lecture I visited Mr. Isaac Tomlin who yet remains in a very low Condition.  Mrs. Brigham[2] of Marlborough (Mrs. Hepsibah Maynards[3] Mother) dy’d.

[1]The physician of Lancaster.

[2]The widow of Samuel Brigham.  Hudson, Marlborough, 334.

[3]Mrs. John Maynard of Westborough.