July 15, 1739

1739 July 15 (Sunday).  On Matt. 10.1-4.  P.M. Repeated sermon on Eph. 3.8, page 10 to 17, from Eph. 2.7.  At noon I took advice with the Deacons about laying Brother Isaac Tomlins Circumstances before the Church, he being very languishing and his help gone from his Business, so that his Interest and Affairs and necessary provision for his and his Familys subsistence Suffer without any Body to pitty him.  They advis’d me to lay it before them.  N.B. Brother Abijah Bruce made some hasty reply, judging it unfit to be mentioned on the Lords Day.  I answered that works of mercy, and providing for the distress’d Members of Christ was one of the most proper Dutys of the Lords Day.