July 12, 1739

1739 July 12 (Thursday).  I walk’d to Mr. Rogers’s in the Morning.  Dr. [?] Daniel Forbush[1] and Zebulon Rice[2] came to Hoing my Corn.  At about 3 p.m. came Mr. Winchester[3] and Mr. James Fay[4] and mowed in my upper South Side.  I rode on Mr. Winchesters Horse as far as Mr. Charles Rice’s[5] for Hands to come to work and thence I rode up to Mr. John Pratt to see what he had done about the Ministerial Meadow, and I understood that he had mow’d and made 4 Load and a Half — that he began to Mow the Day before Commencement, and that of what he had made he had carted home half a Load.  N.B. Colonel William Ward[6] was here again upon the Affair of his son, of Sturbridge, and he stay’d and din’d with us.  In the Eve Simon Tainter, junior, and James Bradish brought Jonas Warrin and Charles Bruce to be admitted into the private Society.

[1]Son of Deacon Jonathan Forbush.

[2]Son of Charles Rice of Westborough.  He had recently married Abigail, daughter of Deacon Jonathan Forbush.

[3]Benjamin Winchester.

[4]Son of Capt. John Fay.

[5]Son of Edmund Rice, an original settler of Westborough.

[6]One of the founders of the town of Southborough.  A surveyor, extensive landowner, selectman, and representative of Marlborough and Southborough.  Charles Martyn, The William Ward Genealogy (N.Y., 1925), 85-86.