July 6, 1739

1739 July 6 (Friday).  Brother Champney carry’d my Daughter Molly to Waterton to Mr. Benjamins[1] and from thence she rode up Mrs. Pierpoints Horse.  We din’d at Baldwins.[2]  Mr. Keyes of Boston din’d with us.  Mr. Frink and Mr. Willard[3] of Biddeford with us up to Marlborough.  John Rogers work’d Tuesday and Thursday most of the Day, but went home before night because he was sick.  Mrs. Pierpont recovered.

[1]Daniel Benjamin, Jr., Selectman of Watertown.  Bond, Watertown, 28.

[2]Capt. Samuel Baldwin of Weston.

[3]Rev. Samuel Willard (HC 1723), minister at Biddeford, Me., 1730-1741.