July 4, 1739

1739 July 4 (Wednesday).  Mr. Joseph Grants Mare which I rode down got out of the Pasture this morning, but I got Deacon Sparhawks[1] lad to go up the Road after her which she [sic] did.  I rode to Boston to see my Mother and fetch my Cloths which I did before meeting.  My Kinsman Elias[2] came over from Captain Sharps[3] where he has lodg’d for some Time because of his Infirmitys.  I din’d in the Hall.  N.B. a very great storm of Thunder, Rain and Wind, at Dinner time.  N.B. A Most agreeable Century Oration by the President.[4]  N.B. Mr. Worthington[5] of Seabury and Mr. Parsons[6] of Lyme in Connecticut at our Commencement.  I was chiefly entertain’d at Sir Buckminsters.[7]  Sir Woods[8] did not keep Commencement.  No Company at Father Champney’s, He being much disordered.

[1]Samuel Sparhawk of Cambridge.

[2]Parkman’s brother, Elias Parkman of Boston.  [Walett may be mistaken, as this appears to be Parkman’s nephew; see August 22.]

[3]Robert Sharp of Brookline.

[4]Rev. Edward Holyoke, President of Harvard College.

[5]Rev. William Worthington (YC 1716), minister at Westbrook (Saybrook), Conn.,1724-1756.  Dexter, 156-58.

[6]Rev. Jonathan Parsons (YC 1729), minister at Old Lyme, 1729-1745.  Dexter, 389-93.

[7]Joseph Buckminster (HC 1739), later minister at Rutland, Mass., 1752-1792.  SHG, 10:348-54.

[8]Benjamin Woods (HC 1739), eldest son of Col. Benjamin Woods of Marlborough.  SHG, 10:416.